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Don’t Take Your Kids to Work Day

I have to put on my contrarian badge and say that I am not a fan of “Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day.”

All week I’ve been listening to the whines of disappointment from my second and third grader when I’ve explained to them why they can’t come to work with me.   I, like many parents, don’t have a job that’s kid-friendly.  Wanna get up at 2 a.m. and roll out to a sketchy neighborhood where someone’s been shot?

How about jostling around in the back of a live truck with no extra seats and a bunch of heavy equipment?  And let’s not forget no potty breaks for 8 hours. Sounds like a blast.

Still, my children complain that they’ll be the only ones who are in class today. Hah. I’m sure there are plenty of police officers, nurses, doctors, factory workers and more whose children are also feeling left out.

And let’s say I did have a job where I stayed in the office.  What exactly am I supposed to do with my minions?  Any parent who has tried to get work done at home knows it’s an impossible task.  Children have an ingrained need to misbehave when the grown-ups aren’t zeroed on them. My co-workers really don’t need to see the result.

I would have to find a way to suppress the seething reprimands that come out when mom’s buttons are lit up like a high-rise elevator.

This day must also be a huge annoyance to workers without children.   I used to be one of them, feeling obligated to entertain and fawn.

I suppose it’s different if the students are of a capable age and you can have them copy, staple, log, shred, sweep or otherwise help out with menial tasks. The danger here is that they’ll see what its really like to go to work…

No, better to let them imagine all the fun they think you’re having.  Disillusionment will come soon enough.

Who’s with me?


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