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I Almost Tweeted a Bikini Pic Today…

I almost Tweeted a bikini pic of myself today.  I was at my desk, listening to Sarah Fraser, a contributor to our newscast, talk about her #bikinichallenge1073.  Sarah has been open about coming to grips with what she calls her body issues.  She decided one way to overcome her fears was to head out to DC’s Dupont Circle wearing a bikini.  The first time EVER she says she’s been brave enough to wear one.  And she tweeted pics to prove it. I admire her fearlessness. So I had this crazy idea that I’d add my own pic… though I have to admit my motives weren’t as noble.

We’re in a race these days for Friends, Followers, Tweets, and Likes. Journalists are being measured not by their credibility – but by their social-media status.  I’m trying to keep up, but it’s not easy.  The majority of stories that I cover aren’t going to make it on #BuzzFeed – and I’m ok with that. I couldn’t care less about the latest celebrity gossip. I loathe news for the stupid.  I like digging into things like legal briefs & GAO reports, uncovering little details that often get passed over in :30 second readers. I’m also not one to blather endlessly online about my food, my family life, or my personal opinions.  I know that until I get more comfortable with sharing more of “me”, I probably won’t end up on our station’s social-media leaderboard.

And that’s why I was so tempted today.  I came seriously, dangerously close to hitting that “Post” button.  So close I swear my pulse was pounding.  I hesitated just long enough to allow rational thinking to take over.  Was I ready to wither the disdain of co-workers for this shameless self-promotion? Am I really that desperate for Re-Tweets?  No.   But I hope you still “Like” me just the same.

For those of you wishing I did hit the Post button.. here’s a snapshot of the draft. I’m ok with it, since no one reads this blog anyway 🙂



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