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FaceTime: Making the Virtual Playdate possible

I am a failure when it comes to enforcing a digital diet for my children.
Honestly – show me the mom who works full time, manages the household, handles maid & gardener duties, AND is still able to provide thoughtful, enriching activities for the kiddos during the summer.
Yes, I’ve read and worried about all the studies showing too much screen time is bad.  But this week I have newfound hope, thanks to FaceTime.
FaceTime is making the Virtual Playdate possible – and it’s a wonderful thing. Not only were my children able to video chat with a friend in China, they are connecting with their cousin in Oregon in ways that were never possible for me.  I saw my cousins barely once a year, and never really got to know them.
Yesterday they spent nearly 2 hours together – creating plays & performing roles, showing off their rooms, playing with their dolls…
Just from listening, it was as if they were in the same house.
The girls even managed to help each other pack their bags for our upcoming family reunion. They showed off outfits, approved / disapproved choices, discussed packing strategies and planned out the week together.
So I have to disagree with those who say that technology will make our children anti-social.  From what I’ve witnessed, they realize the value of making personal connections and maintaining relationships.  Technology is allowing them to reach even further than we ever imagined.  Now if I could just get that Virtual Maid…

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