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SuperDork & sea glass

This is not the picture I thought I’d post to mark this birthday. I wanted a kick-ass pic that said, “Take that, 50!” 

But instead, I chose this. This is the REAL me. 


I am definitely not one of the cool kids. Never have been, never will be.

Today, I’m ok with that. 
I imagine my 10 year old self on a wide, rippled beach. I’m walking along the fringes of a vast ocean. The tide crashes over my toes – depositing little treasures. I run to grab them before they’re taken back by the fizzling fingers of the sea. 
Most are seashells. Nature’s pretty little purses that once held life. 

This one – it’s my family. And this one? True friends. 

I drop them into my bucket – then add my great husband, terrific kids, a good job, nice house…

Plink, plink, plink. 
Some are stones. 

Bad choices I made. Heartbreaks, given and received. 

A tendency for condescension. Less than charitable thoughts.

My discomfort saying “I love you”.

The diet I fail at, almost every day. 

I collect those too. 
The sun flickers off a small object. It’s a piece of sea glass, almost hidden in the sand. I brush it free and give it a salt water rinse. 

Once, it was brilliantly colored – with a cool shiny surface and razor sharp edges. Years of being tossed around with the seashells and the stones have changed that. It’s softer. Smoother. Some might say more interesting, even … better.  
So my birthday gift to the real me is to love every bit of that goofy smile & celebrate my weird. And to remember that success is not measured by outside factors, but by the personal treasures I collect along the way. 
Now if you’ll excuse me – I need to adjust my goggles… tie my beach towel cape on tight… and keep gathering sea glass. 


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